Started 25 days ago (2020-01-02T08:00:00Z). Goes forever.

Have fun with it.
Take however long it takes.
Do it again tomorrow.
Improve the next time.

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doodles for youtube cover art~

gotta remember to break things down into layers

& hobbes for a late submission!

ive started to notice the use of in-out easing and images that echo another.
these two combined make for some great feeling explosions esp when it's layered on top of your usual ease-out movement of particles,debris,etc..

I have been studying ssbu marth's normal attack to observe how the fx compliments his character animation. These two components complement eachother like pp&j- they look amazing when synchronized properly.

I will create my fx with the animation in mind, vice versa!

animated a friend's sprite this morning. it was tough but great practice for higher res sprites

i bought this book about the language of color & have been observing nature's natural colors. pretty cool how these colors make us feel & think about. so i drew random colors with certain emotions in mind

noo i missed yesterday but I was animating all day rip Well here's one animation I did yesterday & will do more today!

had no time to do digital drawing so here's a wip I'm working on for Patreon

practiced shading within a 3d space using grid lines and light/shadow.

Tried to visualize the forces that are present in moving smoke. This will help me animate and shade better in the future~

Color saturation must be taken into account in games (or any visual piece).
Higher saturation & values catch the eye whereas lower values are hard to notice.

Applying this concept properly will create a more coherent visual experience

never tried drawing cloth- gave it a shot today