Created an underground Tileset. Also, make a tileable background. There will be another parallax layer between the foreground and background when I'm done, so currently it looks a little funny.

EDIT - I noticed from the GIF that there are two ugly bright pixels out of place in one of my tiles. It is fixed in the tileset, but I don't want to re-record the GIF...

Bobbo8 years ago

@Stephan Thanks for the suggestions.

Sprite : I took the shadows down to black on the sprites and it looked pretty bad. Not because it was a bad idea but because the colors I schose in the palette I'm using . The palette is DB32 and I'm still getting the hang of using it. After looking at it for awhile I think it is because the black has a much higher color saturation than the rest of the colors in the orc. It is the same problem I'm having with the background looking too harsh and I don't have a way around it without re-working my color choices. So I've tabled those suggestions.

Background: Same thing as above. I'm also not going to have much of the background actually visible, so I'm hoping it isn't a big deal.

Foreground: The foreground will actually be the middleground. I ended up removing the highlights entirely but may end up highlighting per your suggestion. Today's entry will make this more clear. I think though you are right and it would help give everything a consistent look.

Stephan8 years ago

Looking great. I like that guy and the place.

Things that come to my mind that could or could not improve the scene:

Background: The contrast between the stones and the black seems a bit harsh. This will be a pure background, so you could soften that up a bit.

Foreground: You could try to make the underside of the platforms in shadows and see how that feels.

Character: Darker contour. With that grey he seems a bit 'washed out'.

Just things to explore. The scene is already looking good.

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