I should not have to stress again to you all that this is a public facing assessment and you should not be posting any content that:

  • makes fun of abuse, rape, child molestation, suicide, assault etc.
  • is incredibly offensive, no matter how funny you think you're being
  • anything you wouldn't want your future employer to see, considering this is attached to your real name. Come on.

I am very disappointed that I have to reiterate this to you all again after going over it in the lecture yesterday, and some of you are getting very silly with this assignment. Anyone caught breaking these rules of conduct - which are the same rules of conduct you should expect from the school - will be invited to come talk with myself or Mike about why you think it's appropriate, and if it happens again, you will be referred and/or kicked from the Streak.

If you don't know if something is appropriate or not, it's probably not, but as we have mentioned multiple times you are always welcome to email myself, Mike or Adam if you are unsure about something.

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Thanks to the spectacular conduct of some of your peers, we have been forced to make the following amendment to this summative, which you can also find in your respective //classfolders for further inspection. If you have any questions, contact myself, Mike or Adam.

Any student that has ideas that contain the following posted:

  • Hate speech
  • Racism
  • Sexism, ableism, homophobia
  • Overly explicit language
  • Inappropriate sexual content
  • Personal attacks
  • Any text that is taking the course unprofessionally

… will receive a D, or a fail. This is a public facing assessment and should be treated as if your employers would be looking at it. All of this, of course, reflects the Student Conduct policy and should be followed by all students at all times, least of all require an amendment to a summative. Please also remember you are not allowed to retroactively edit your entries, and offending entries have already been noted by us.

Should you need examples:

  • making a game idea about eugenics or genocide is not okay
  • making a game idea about rape, molestation or assault is not okay
  • making a game idea about marginalising minorities is not okay

Please do not click 'Leave Streak'. It removes you from the streak entirely and you require a second approval to return.

If it occurs in a weekend, I'm not always checking my emails every day, and may delay you from being re-added. Please just don't click this button. :) Thanks! (and keep up the great work!)

The Smithy is a casual management simulation game where you play the blacksmith of a town frequented by buff, beefy heroes. Naturally, in the course of slaying dragons and fighting evil, weapons wear down, break and generally shatter - and that's where you come in! It's your job to put all their equipment back together or administer upgrades if they want a longer sword or a better stick to hit things with, and word quickly spreads throughout the land that your smithing is second to none. Great for business, but now you've got a bunch of jobs on your hands - so you gotta go fast.

Repair and upgrade adventurer's gear by using your smithy tools in combination. Try to get through as many jobs as you can in a day, and perhaps delegate some of the lighter work to apprentices you can hire from the trades guild. Update and upgrade your own tools and equipment to be able to add better modifiers to adventurer gear and complete more complex jobs - want to add a demon-slaying sigil to your longsword? Hey, no problem. We got the skills to pay the bills.


  • Extensive skill tree for both smithing skills and equipment upgrades
  • A myriad of different customers with different jobs for you
  • The ability to hire and train apprentices to do your dirty work
  • The adoration of the heroes around you! Gosh.
  • Achievement tree that provides more unlockables for meeting certain goals (i.e. completing 10, 50, 100 jobs in one day etc.)


  • Make swords 'n stuff. That's pretty great.
  • Do your repairs with QWOP-style hand movements, for added skill and difficulty. Don't drop the sharp bits.
  • Play as the oil that makes the wheel turn - heroes are great and all, but they'd be nothing without you, the merchants that supply them gear or the trainers that punch the stuffing out of them.
  • High fantasy, high stress game. Just like the middle ages.

'Topiaries' is a top-down strategy game where the player tends to a series of royal gardens. Intended for desktop machines (PC, OSX), the gameplay would involve progression through levels through completing set objectives, i.e. pleasing the royalty the garden is for by listening to their 'royal decree' issued at the start of the level, using x amount of different plants, completing a certain arrangement and receiving x amount of court approval from garden visitors. The player will have to balance resources, a time limit, time taken to perform actions and what objectives will be achievable with what's at their disposal. Lose conditions would be running out of time, receiving low approval (banished from the kingdom) etc.

MDS GDV110 - 'One Game a Day' Assignment

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