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  • no erasing
  • used my calvin-from-memory drawings as reference

spent a long time trying to figure out how to get a specific shade of pink for the petals

my sleep schedule is in shambles

quick draw while rewatching killing eve

didn't plan ahead so Calvin was too close to the top of the page, and now that I've drawn Hobbes it looks like Calvin is levitating lol. happy with how they turned out though!

stayed up too late

left of middle: 小鱼山 xiaǒ yú shān (Little Fish Mountain) park
bottom right: 小青岛 xiaǒ qīng dǎo (Little Qingdao) island

fast sketches of a pavilion by the beach + the Qingdao Aquarium while my mom and sister sat in the shade

plus the start of a drawing of the view from my grandma's window

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