he's lookin down on ya

addy8 days ago

@dwarph ooh so cool 😎

dwarph9 days ago

@addy thank you!!! the background is done with the same brush as the dark speckles on the side of his face, but for some reason makes this super funky texture if I apply pressure & overlap a bunch 😍

addy9 days ago

lookin posh & snobby! love the texture and colors of the background and turtleneck

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index gave me trouble

this took way too long

these were all drawn in like 4mins, only one that was disasterous was the top right, and bottom left looks quite decent!

turns out fingers are just cylinders... who knew?!

did ok till the last one!

reason i started drawing this year was to try and get better at drawing hands - finally got around to doing a class on hands. got some good exercises to do for the upcoming week... expect to be sick of hands soon

thinkin about cheese

bonus points if ya know the reference. I think about this sequence every time I drive at night

couldn't decide whether I liked the lines or not

drawn for round 3 of #GoshBFDD

guess who found a crayon brush pack for krita & went a liiiiitttle wild 🐀🚣‍♀️

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