dwarph16 days ago

@leafo he's known as the money goose, and guards our loose change, when not posing for portraits

leafo16 days ago

nice duck

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(screwed up the middle bit oops)

had a blast drawing this. went from "there's no actual way" to being pretty proud of the result.
I've attached the reference I drew from.

what an absolutely rad 100 days! at the start of this year i would never have believed I could have drawn some of the things I've done in the past 100 days ✨

got sleepy and gave up 😴

michael markowsky's beginner lesson series - ep #12, line of action.

I've been looking forward to this episode for SO LONG. so jazzed!

head still too circular...

proportions and shapes were all over the place with this one - doesn't really look much like the reference I was using

drew a bunch for work today, can't share it all!

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