Generative ambient track composed with an L-System. Did the hyperosc thing again but this time with a lot of different oscillators controlling the crossfade, and some compression too.

Too long for the site so listen here:

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Remaster of a track I had made for a previous album. My own spectral saturation tool, my own phase adjustment tool, MEqualizer, ReaComp, and Baby Audio TAIP were used

did some interesting stuff in this one, used a crossfade between two EQ profiles controlled by an oscillator controlling the pulsewidth of the synth for the bassline, the strings use a hyperosc, which I thought would be boring because it can't really be modulated, but I decided to have multiple instances of hyperosc with different settings and crossfade modulating the crossfade with another hyperosc lol. Proud of the mood I set in this one

Just some binaural beats, did some of it in Blok Modular with extra modulation but a lot of it is Gnaural

Hi I'm DJ Saint-Hubert, I make electronic music with Jeskola Buzz, mostly Blok Modular Been trying to make more chill tunes as of recently. The hats and the noise sounds had complex patches in particular so I hope they sound good! Here's an image of the noise patch

For mastering I used Melda MEqualizer, Baby Audio TAIP, Chow Tape Model, and a custom spectral saturation I programmed in Reaper's ReaJS language. I may post unmastered tracks if I'm running behind schedule though

Weekly Music 2021

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