Hands are so weird. I think next week I’m going to work on the forearm and see if I can put the two together.

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Still learn more C# stuff,more so other basic concept like moving a single Char to another. just learning stuff in unity is different then working on stuff in just C# by it's self. Also working out some art for some story beats for an Idea I want to do so i can working on crafting story's in unity and get better at coding all at the same time! It's like that one ad "Coding your own games. It's easier then you think" ya that guy can go fuck himself.

Still digging deep into C# so didn't have time for art today. Here are some shity place hold stuff for now!

Trying to get better with enviorments while learning pathfinding in unity. This one was inspired by pokemon leaf and fire and mother 3

I have been working and learning about pathfinding in unity and boy is that shit hard! But I must learn more about it and move forward!

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