The dirt looks good imo, still needs some tweeking though. The sand looks pretty rough, though.

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I tried out some different dithering methods again, but it looks terrible. I also want to get better at locating important parts in material studies, so that I can learn for myself instead of from tutorials.

I tried to make a non sharp rock but it looks bad. I ran out of time today and am gonna try a lot harder to start earlier in the day.

I started earlier today and spent a lot more time on it than usual. I love the new comment system, thanks Leafo!

I want to get better at spending more time on art each day, instead of doing it right before bed like I am now and rushing it.

More work just like yesterday, finished a walk cycle. Still not ready to show.

I'd share it, but it's not ready yet. I'm about halfway through.

I added one with milk and an empty one.

I did a clay pot for my game, full of water.

Didn't do to much today, just messed with shading.

Someone wants 15-bit art (SNES) for a game, so here's some practice. Also a flipped version of a sprite from yesterday with a flipped shadow I worked on.

Btw, all the art for this commission is in grayscale, which is new, so awesome! I expiremented with some different clothing detail types, and it looks a lot better imo.

I've gotten a start on my next job, which is pretty exciting. I have 2 big ones coming in, so I should get some new work equipment in the near future, which is extra exciting.

I spent 30 minutes trying to draw a boulder, but it just ended up looking like starfox and again I need to use a crappy placeholder so crap. That's ok though, that's what practice is for.

Not very good, but I spent a while on it and it still looks bad so I'll just leave it like that for now. Tomorrow I'kk

Redo of a shrub for my game from a while back, really satisfied with it. I think the bark is nice, but the leaves are a bit off. I'll touch up on it in the future.

Today I worked on grass tiles and redid a lot of the water tiles, to make the circles much bigger because the tiles in my game are really small. Here's a bit of it all in action (sand and dirt aren't mine)

Still need to add highlights + ground. Also figured out mentally how to work out my sand tile.

I'm trying to do a tile a day, and a spent some time on a sand tile but it's a bit rough. Just needs to look a bit softer, but I'll share it tomorrow

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