Done using my phone camera as a mirror. (i posted this before with the prior days entry but i was able to get a late submission entry, just in case you liked this already and you're confused that's what happened!)

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This is an InDesign exercise I did for the graphic design course I'm doing at the moment. Not sure if this counts or not. It's technically visual art but it was really just a copying exercise. Hopefully I should have something better tomorrow.

Also lmao apparently a lot of fonts just don't come with newer computers? I had to find a substitute for Rockwell and Franklin Gothic. I thought I had boned myself by not getting an MS Office licence when I got this laptop but the fonts I needed weren't included in the most recent version available to buy ANYWAY so... ╮(─▽─)╭

I feel bad I've been neglecting this so much! I've been doing so much studying for my graphic design course. Today though I've been rounding out my Manga Studio 5 brushes into a little family. If you use MS5 it's available here for free!

Here's a lil test I did to figure out how I wanted the more rendery* brushes to work.

*The brushes aren't intended to do anything super render-y, I made them so I could add simple shading to lineless stuff but if you're able to do anything more detailed please show me your results!

Fanart of my friends webcomic because it's her birthday! I missed like a week but I've been super busy doing a graphic design course but hopefully I can post regularly for the next couple of weeks or so.

I've been absent for the past couple days b/c I've been doing a graphic design course. I whipped this at break during the Indesign module. (it was posted already for the 21st but I was able to get a late submission form so here it is in the proper day).

im actually a lot cuter irl jsyk

My guacamole recipe seemed pretty popular when I posted the text of it to twitter so I decided to dust off an unfinished recipe comic and finish it up. My recipe has changed a good deal since I last worked on it (it no longer has coriander for one) so I'm glad I sat on this for so long.

Speaking of recipe comics I posted an old comic I worked on for a zine that came out a while ago. You can see that on my tumblr here. Anyway I'm pretty happy with the amount of progress I was able to make with this especially since it had stalled for so long. Sometimes you just need to walk away from something for like a month and then it clicks! Previously it was either going to be a two page thing with the method on page two or a long image but I just added the sidebar on the right and that fit perfectly with what I wanted to do. I will probably end up making the sidebar wider than it is now because I haven't tried fitting in the text yet but that's easily doable.

Here's a comparison with the old layout.

Bear in mind that the text is from the old image (the recipe has changed a good deal).

Just a first pass for a self portrait/introduction meme thing that's been going around. Obviously I want to look like I'm actually struggling under all that weight. I definitely draw stiffly and it's something I want to work on going forward.

Finally recovered the work I lost on this. No idea how I lost the layer information though. :/

Made this in about 5 minutes. I need to utilize my time a lot better. There are a lot of projects I want to work on and I hate having art time squeezed in an the end of the day. Having said that I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

My friend Lauren has been doing a lot of pixel art which I've liked a lot and has made me want to get back into trying to learn GraphicsGale. This was just a quick lil thing but I really enjoyed it and want to make more. Good lord do I hate not having CMYK sliders tho, lmao.

Got mad at myself that I lost the layer information for a thing I've been working on (the previous thing I posted here) so I made this to feel a bit better.

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