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My guacamole recipe seemed pretty popular when I posted the text of it to twitter so I decided to dust off an unfinished recipe comic and finish it up. My recipe has changed a good deal since I last worked on it (it no longer has coriander for one) so I'm glad I sat on this for so long.

Speaking of recipe comics I posted an old comic I worked on for a zine that came out a while ago. You can see that on my tumblr here. Anyway I'm pretty happy with the amount of progress I was able to make with this especially since it had stalled for so long. Sometimes you just need to walk away from something for like a month and then it clicks! Previously it was either going to be a two page thing with the method on page two or a long image but I just added the sidebar on the right and that fit perfectly with what I wanted to do. I will probably end up making the sidebar wider than it is now because I haven't tried fitting in the text yet but that's easily doable.

Here's a comparison with the old layout.

Bear in mind that the text is from the old image (the recipe has changed a good deal).

Finally recovered the work I lost on this. No idea how I lost the layer information though. :/