Submissions from 2019-11-04 to 2019-11-11 (8 total)

Scheduled late submit. A local artist Raumskaya organized a remix contest to his track( ) on his youtube channel( it's in russian), and I took all the time till deadline which is today.

Spent so much time on it and so tired of it, so can't even write anything about it.

I actually made two songs outside of One-Hour Compo. This one is the better of the two.

Travel had me starting very late on this one, only doing some initial beats in 6/8 (Ableton 64-pad rock kit) and bass on Friday night, adding a bit of Operator (1st and 3rd partial) late Saturday. Initially I'd thought of adding guitar, but...I found myself enjoying the sparse dub-like quality of this, even though it's not that heavy on the dub delay. It needed something else at the end, so I added three tracks of Simpler with different field recording samples.

Sends: Convolution reverb (with Auto-Filter bass rolloff), Echo (Dem Ducks, with tweaks). Full-chain master on the 2.

Title from a quality of berkelium, this week's element--it emits low-energy electrons, so it's safe to handle...but on the other hand, it decays into the very-radioactive californium, so...if you have the opportunity to handle any, just don't.

So off the back of the 48' really. Same session but changed the patterns and sounds to produce another hard techno track with a touch of acid (the track was meant to start as a cool 303 style pattern - with a weaker sound but in a nasty pattern and warp into an actual 303 as it built up). I like weird or sinister sequences in techno and this kinda fits into that and builds up a bit - but the sound itself could probably be doing more. I also quite enjoy analog pitch-bent basslines that make you feel a bit giddy and the filter opens here in an effort to increase intensity. It doesn't really work - the 303 should probably have been put through a distortion to sound more sinister then the core sounds. In the end, the core sounds win as they're just as aggressive and the 303 just bumbles along. Maybe if i'd brokedown the track and brought the 303 in solo it might have had a better effect. Frak me...what a ramble!

Didn't have time to make a proper thing.

i had a dream that i did an ambient (industrial) noise EP so it seems i have a theme for this month!

Nothin' (but) Noise November!

this one was done with an unplugged instrument cable, an electric bass played with electric toothbrush (and also the sweet effect of the motor near the pickups) and the cliche cordless drill (but pitch shifted to be "in key").

i made pretty heavy use of hysteresis and fracture by glitchmachines (both free). for when you absolute want to mangle your sound!

i've been trying to make individual cover art for as many tracks as possible, but this week i was feeling extra art-y so i made a whole graphics package and started a new soundcloud for this sub-project.

cover graphic for this track attached here also, as an experiment

Yes, it's November, it's cold, it's raining. It's great!

Found this in another unfinished project. There are a lot of unfinished projects...