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Really late submit. Was trying to make something similar to vim's breaks and boards of canada inspired stuff. But I'm no vim :) It turned out it was a pretty bad idea to take different breakbeat samples with different sound and tempo, repitch them and try to chop and mix together. Should have taken one and work with it. And the track structure is primitive, at this point this track is just a sketch.

On a positive side, I really like how harmony, melody and bass are working together. The part at 1:44 reminds me of my bloody valentine sound and harmony, it would be great to remake this track as a shoegaze song with real instruments, Kevin Shields style guitar instead of pads, female vocals instead of melody.

Scheduled late submit. A local artist Raumskaya organized a remix contest to his track( ) on his youtube channel( it's in russian), and I took all the time till deadline which is today.

Spent so much time on it and so tired of it, so can't even write anything about it.