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Finishing up this year by absolutely totally cheating and building a Pure Data patch that shoots generative MIDI sequences at my Roland XV-5080. I did not have time at all to mix and work on this more, so here you have a quite "raw" version of it.

Thanks to everyone who has listened, liked and commented. I hope you have a nice year end holidays time and that next year will be even better than this one!

Another old one found on the desktop. It continues for a long time after that part, but I did not have time yesterday to finish the rest. Besides, it would spoil the suprise too. :)

Found this in another unfinished project. There are a lot of unfinished projects...

Some experimenting with drums and not so many instruments.

Quick solo on an old loop.

Just Live and Push this time.

Another quick one. Some layered loops from Roland XV-5080 and Korg MS2000R.

Experimenting with TidalCycles, the Haskell live-coding framework. All sounds from Roland XV-5080, all MIDI from TidalCycles.

Get's let this week started by arpeggiator wankery. I finished yesterday's jam into a sort of sci-fi synthesizer trip.

VCV Rack, Korg MS2000R, Ableton Live.

This is the ending bit from today's jam. Ableton Live, Volca Sample, KORG MS2000R and VCV Rack.

Recorded on a real piano using my phone in one take. Also added a reverb effect to achieve Maximum Discount Bruno Sanfilippo.

Just randomly found this half finished thing on my desktop. It even had (a very badly recorded) track of a thunderstorm in it so I sprinkled it up with some rain on a tent ( and recorded some additional drums (and cut out the bad parts in the old drum tracks and viola.