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Not sure why, not feeling very Christmassy at all this year.

Unexplained hardware issues, computers are too complex.

I like to thinks most things are, but I have my doubts.

Love autumn and winter, plus I've been listening to a lot of stuff on the 12k label at work, and I'd been wanting to do something a little more free-form and live than previously. Really like this if I'm being honest.

Sadly had to break my streak last week due to an ear infection that, sadly, I'm still not quite over. In fact my hearing is borked, everything sounds out of tune, almost chipmunk-y. Hopefully that'll sort itself out soon. Anyway, made a simple 90s thumpin' beat to get through the murk in my middle ear.

Yes, it's November, it's cold, it's raining. It's great!

This was a surprisingly difficult tune to pull off and towards the end I got really fed up with it, to be honest, hence the rough bits.

Will never get the hang of subtle mastering, sorry.

I'll need to remaster this at some point as I made this with a heavy cold and am literally deaf in one ear. Anyway, .been wanting to an epic chunky amen track for a while.

In some ways it doesn't feel like a year but in others it feels like a lifetime.

I am crap at track titles, they're always a last-minute thing, and they're always rubbish, so I said you should think bigger in the future. Anyway, more of a groove than a track based on this rusty bass arp. I actually quite like it. Might develop something similar later.

My attempt at a straight dance/breaks track. I find it difficult to cope with more than a few elements, they all blend and create the sonic equivilent of brown.

Rush job as my mind was elsewhere this week. Next!

Late-summer sunshine is the best. Now I'm pretty sure I've made a few tunes that sound similar to this but I must embrace it and if that means I keep re-making this sound forever that's no bad thing, frankly. Get over yourself-Vim.

Went a bit mad on the cabinet simulator here. I think I'll use this as a basis for something else, really like this sound.

Didn't have as much time this week so polished up this track which, again, is probably too slow and doomy for many but perhaps it's what I've been feeling like at times.

Where is all that money going?

Literally and figuratively.

Anyway, something went wrong with this technically whilst I was working on it so I've put this one down to experience.

It can make you paranoid.

Anyway, uneasy listening, I was listening to some old AFX and liked the particularly ear-punshing snare sound so I thought I'd try something similar.

Had a nice day out in Stroud yesterday, finished this track off later. Some might not like the aggressive mastering on this but I sort of like it. Okay it's maybe a bit too tough for this style of music. Living and learning.

It's bloody hot in the UK and I just heard a thing on the radio about icecream vans contributing to global emissions. So here's a nice ditty inspired by hearing vans going around the town as a kid. You don't hear them any more.

Wasn't particularly inspired this week as I wasn't well, so this was just a bit of messing about really.

Anyway, that's the first half of 2019 over!

Whilst I feel the production here isn't bad, I'm feeling stuck in a certain way of putting tracks together. I need to mix things up next time. Maybe make my own oblique strategies cards.

Like everything else this ended up a bit messy. I like it simple.

Take your dogs there.