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i had a dream that i did an ambient (industrial) noise EP so it seems i have a theme for this month!

Nothin' (but) Noise November!

this one was done with an unplugged instrument cable, an electric bass played with electric toothbrush (and also the sweet effect of the motor near the pickups) and the cliche cordless drill (but pitch shifted to be "in key").

i made pretty heavy use of hysteresis and fracture by glitchmachines (both free). for when you absolute want to mangle your sound!

i've been trying to make individual cover art for as many tracks as possible, but this week i was feeling extra art-y so i made a whole graphics package and started a new soundcloud for this sub-project.

cover graphic for this track attached here also, as an experiment

what i was trying to work on this week fell apart pretty hard soooo i gave up and banged out an industrial noise track. ah well