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「あのねこじたのやろうわ冷たいラーメンが好き」- Someone who dislikes or is physically barred from consuming hot food - is called nekojita, cat tongue..

「おれのへやわよじょうはんです」 - Rooms in japan are often described in tatami size. 4.5 tatami is the size i prefer, everything else feels too big.

「おまえわあまいぜ」 - You first learn あまい as a way to say something is sweet, candy for instance. The curious things is that the same word is used to describe naivity, softness(of character), unsactsfatory and many other things. Remember, kids, always be the right kind of sweet.

いきなりだんご is a local dish in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu. "Ikinari" means "suddenly", it is described as that because it is often made when visits suddenly appear at your house.

Why "wwww"s are used for laugh in Japan? It stands for わらう, laugh! So, laughlaughlaugh.




ほくとうのけん can be mis/read in a couple of ways. My favorite? Sword of the Northeast, aka Peixeira. :D

あなたわす [ すききらい ] なひとですね。 - Anata wa [ sukikirai ] na hito desune.

"Sukikirai" is used in the sense of "pickyness", a large amount of likes and dislikes.

So, if you are a picky eater like me. You are full of sukikirai.