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decided to sketch out without removing my stylus, its been a long time since ive done that lol.

building up some characters for a point and click adventure game

I listened to shitty emo music all day and drew this mess and fuck it.

Working on a project for a show and needed to sketch out some characters, check it out. 5 is my fav. They are supposed to be PC applications possessed by human emotions. Let me know which you like if you want.

A possible starting point for a pixel art illustrated short story.

Sick and feeling like crap so I made this happen.

made with

I have to work on a lot of code lately, and you know what code is art, and this code involves graphic assets so it counts.

I am learning game maker studio and using it to work on a pretty big project, this is just baby steps but its all amazing I am very glad to have this working.

I just seem to have a thing for greaser aesthetics today

Just started to get my new setup figured out, decided to scribble something together and wow, so funk, so fresh, much grease.


Today I decided to explore the available brush presets and layer options in Krita (

I drew a pretty generic mountain grass thing. I feel pretty shitty about it.

I am utilizing this streak as an excuse to submit daily art using Krita. I am currently loving it.

This is something I sketched out, a statue/golem with spider eyes, resting in water. It's super cool and very moody, I'm happy with this piece and this tool. Created with a mouse because I left my tablet at work.

The brush customization in Krita is super intuitive and it didnt take long to set everything up for Pixel art and setting up a few essential brushes <3

( seriously Krita is great )

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