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Unity is publishing to my android phone, test cube scene is running in GearVR with headtracking. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the inputs hooked up to use the touchpad though. The documentation is not very user friendly. The test scene doesn't seem to want to load in the version of Unity I'm using, so I can't see how things are actually wired up and where to put the scripts that came with the integration package. I saw some GearVR inputs in the standard unity input window, but using the standard Input class to access those axis values is not having any effect. And I don't have a clue how to debug when I have a giant headset strapped to my face (and I have to disconnect the phone from the computer to stick it in the slot!)

This is fun :)

A submission for Make games. 300

Spent some time trying to get unity upgraded and update my gearvr dev environment. The gear just officially came out yesterday and seems like it might do pretty well for a phone add-on. I've been messing with this vr stuff since the first Oculus devkit. It's fun for a developer, because it's a new frontier, and very little has been solved or defined yet. But I keep going back to my long project that may never be finished rather than finding a small one I can complete. Maybe this one will stick haha. Ideally, I would work on a small game or app for 3-6 months at a time while also continuing to progress the larger one.

We all know it's unlikely :)