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New concept of a critter

Been a while, but here's a new drawing (me 'n someone else drew a 'fursona' for one of our colleagues at work)

A long walk

Woops missed yesterday's streak.

No time to draw so here's a render.

More concepts

Didn't have time today so a quick sketch before bed.

Didn't have the time to draw anything so here's a critter I'm working on.

A WIP of a concept of a game I'm working on.

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Another space thingy..

Somehow turned out better than I expected.

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Trying to think of a bit more 'original' fantastic creatures. (Also I love pygmy hippos.)

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My first submission!

I've been getting back into EVE, this time as Minmatar. Felt the urge to paint the beautiful skybox.

Checked neutral because I feel it needs more work.

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