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This was a strange piece--initially I started it as a house kind of thing--with a shuffle--but it didn't seem to lead anywhere, even after putting on electric piano, synth, and percussion. I ended up nearly doubling the bpm to 151, and then it was...too jittery. So I cut the 909 tempo by half, and it seemed to make sense, in kind of a mello jamz™ kind of way. (Admittedly, a lot of my attention this week was on the Max/MSP patch for a show I'm doing next weekend.)

Instruments: Drum rack of 909 (bunch of filtering on this to tame the highs and accentuate the kick), drum rack of hand drum (low-pass and high-pass auto-filter), Impulse instrument of hand claps (high-pass auto-filter). Two tracks of Electric, one with band-pass auto-filter and one with high-pass, both with LFO and different kinds of drive. I had a couple different synth voices that I ended up taking out--they didn't match where this was going.

Bass: 80s Epi Embassy II (P-pickup) into the board, with some Cabinet plugin.

Guitar: two different tracks of Epiphone Moderne (neck pickup) through EHX LPB2ube, into the board. One channel got high-pass Auto-Filter and Cabinet plugin, while the other got band-pass Auto-filter for that small-amp sound.

All MIDI instruments got a touch of M4L Humanizer (24ms), and everything except bass and 909 got auto-pan.

Sends: Convolution reverb and a chain of Filter delay into Simple delay. Master got the usual Full-Chain Master.

Title comes from the sixfold symmetry of snow, and the fact that it's week 6.