Howdy y'all, I'm Sarah (or Nofoofro, if you prefer). I'm a book-addicted university student who, sadly, has very little time to read anymore. I'm hoping this site will help me get back into it (if I can remember to come to the side to track my progress, that is).

I also really like writing random little stories for fun and playing Blizzard games. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly good at either of those things.

And, hey! If you ever need anything translated from French into English, hit me up ;)

(That last bit was a joke. Kind of.)

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My 200 for today is a 'portrait' I have to write for French. I'm currently at 258/500 words. It's extremely boring and driving me crazy.

I remembered to submit to the streak!

I actually DID read yesterday -_-'

Maybe I should start a streak to make sure I submit to my streaks every day!

Alright, I'm super tired today (got out of class at 9:30), so I just banged out some ridiculous story about Canadians and Tim Horton's roll up the rim. I don't know if you guys have that in America, but it's a pretty big deal here.

It was inspired by a jerk in my class.

I actually did read yesterday, but I forgot to submit -_-

So sad.

Okay, I don't know if this is *cheating,* but I'm counting the 200 words I had to write for one of my classes as my 200 words for the day. If I have any energy later, I'll keep writing the demon/magic/fantasy story from yesterday.

So, I would have liked to start this on day one, but I guess late is better than never.

I started writing a story about a girl who owns a demonic/magical (I haven't decided yet) locket that turns her into animals/demons (I haven't decided yet) when she makes a sacrifice of her own blood to it. She gets out of several problems using this trick, but I'm thinking she'll realize that every time she does it, a piece of her soul dies. Or something. I literally just thought of this now. It's not very well developed yet!

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