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A submission for Daily Art Club

Trying to draw a bit more loosely with my arm.

A submission for Daily Art Club

Just a handful of crappy heads for today. Wasn't able to draw much at all.

And gosh - I need to get a better camera setup or take pics with my phone 'cause my webcam looks like utter crap.

Gonna need to work on colors a lot more :P

Finally drew something that didn't look like utter crap! Guess I'll have to start drawing consistently again :D

Finally finished. It took me a week for 5 seconds of animation (working for about an hour every day).

Kinda been out of groove this week, but I did manage to finish something today :)

Also kinda meh... I just need the time to do a proper animation :P

Didn't have much time to make something good today, but I wanted to make something. Behold, the dancing mech of doom!

This was animated, but I lost all of the animation when GIMP stupidly merged the layers them into one image rather than exporting as an animated gif :\

Added some simple animations to my new game project.

A submission for Daily Art Club

Well, the randomness got to me from my last submission and I decided to turn it into a game.

In game screenshot below.

A submission for Daily Art Club

I was feeling like making something random today. This is the result.

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