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Make beat and tones pattern lengths different.
Introduce synth pattern.

Patterns: Cycle(state['t3']).rot(rot3) collides with key0 + key3 + 7, T0 = 60 / bpm pulses the tempo. make_sseq0() intertwines cyc1.seq(("3fc-g", num(1,7))).pat('xx-'), blending vel(vel).notelen(base_len * num(1,12)).

Layers: R(seq_len).seq(make_sseq0()), while proj.add(slayer0) crafts the soundscape. With audio = np.clip(1 * audio, -1, 1), Compressor(threshold_db=-15, ratio=4) shapes dynamics, forging EchoSynth Patterns in the forge of engine.render(lengthSec).

I used VST plugin loading from Python using DawDreamer framework on this track.

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