Submissions by Laguna tagged reel-to-reel

* NOTE: If you listened to this song and it was high and squeaky, then you listened to a worng version, uploaded at TWICE the samplerate. Please have a listen. You could expect a slow 6 megabytes ambient drone, full of low end. Thanks and sorry for the wrong upload.

I finally had a moment to restore my reel to reel recorder to a full operational condition, and then I thought the old tapes I received from the previous owner could be put to good use taping some synth loops.

Testing the unit, I accidentaly played one of those loops at half speed, and discovered the goods of actual analogic pitch shifting... you know, some artifacts, annoying high frequencies becoming more audible, and hiss :)

So, I believe what it makes it interesting is: you DON'T get exactly what you recorded, out of one of those tapes.

I dumped the track into my also recently discovered Ardour for Linux and give it some FX treatment. It was nice to finalize a track COMPLETELY under Linux.

I know it's a pretty basic piece, but I had a great time setting up everything.

Hope to have more time to listen to your submissions. Have a great week, guys :)