I finished the music system, and music now plays while playing the game. None of it's polished mind you, but that will come later. The only thing that worries me, is that music is currently a component. Meaning, for a music track to play, it needs to be attached to some other entity, like a mech, or bullet. This seems odd to me, but maybe I'm just too used to thinking in "objects" because of my job. I suppose I could just make a music entity with the music component attached, and have it switch out tracks as needed, or just attach a music component directly to the player.

Anyway, I haven't finished the sound system yet, as 1) I have no sound effects, and 2) again, I don't know if effects should have their own entities, or get attached to others. Or other option: have a sound component be a collection of given sound effects, which can then be activated by the attached entity as needed. Either way, I'll need some effects to populate the game, before I really get the system working.

saluk9 years ago

@Kurushi - it does seem odd to attach the music component to a bullet. Perhaps you have a generic "game" entity that you attach some of the high level things to? Kind of sounds like a dreaded global - but I actually like globals in game programming hehe.

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