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Genre: Action RPG game,multiplayer
platform: Android, iOS
Audience: for teenagers 12years and older.
Description of the video game: this game is based on the story of Alberia, the kingdom where dragons live. All the members of the royal family of Alberia have the ability Transformation of Dragon, where the power of a dragon can be used forming a pact with that same dragon. One day something strange happens in the kingdom. The Sacred Crystal that is protected by the capital of the kingdom begins to lose its power. To save the people of his kingdom, the Seventh Prince (you), and who has not yet made a pact with a dragon, embarks on his dragon selection test. At that very moment he will have to find the most hidden dragons and powerful to defeat the malevolent Darvadiver of his plan before he destroys the kingdom of Alberia.Dragalia is a role-playing game that has touch screen controls. Characters attack by just pressing your finger on the screen and you can dodge enemy attacks by sliding your finger in the desired direction. Each character has an affinity to an element that is an important part of the combat system, since one element is stronger than another but also weak against another element. The characters have their own classes as fighters, curators and even archers. The game can be enjoyed completely as a single player although you can also play in multiplayer. You can also choose your dragons and improve their skills and those of your teammates to be the best team.
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