Submissions by Deammer tagged guard-tower

Implemented the guard towers. They are upgradable and garrisonable. I still need to improve the system so that multiple guards can use them at the same time, but that won't be too hard. I love how easy it is to add new behaviors to the AI with the state machine I have written, it makes developement very fast and iterative.

I'm not sure how to orient the weapons of the guards yet, though, since it's all pixel art. I hope i don't have to do multiple frames for it.

I'm 100% done with refactoring the peon AI! To celebrate, I'm having wine and chocolate for dinner.

I've also started messing with guard towers. They are defensive buildings that can be upgraded a number of times, and peons will climb up there to shoot at their enemies from relative safety. I'm thinking of adding mounted weapons to them, but maybe that's just the feature-creep talking.

Have a great weekend everybody :)