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A submission for Daily Art

I'm working through a book whose intent is to convince the brain to draw with the visual/spatial/etc part of the brain rather than with the verbal/symbolic/etc part of the brain. Or more casually, to get the brain 'in the zone.' No idea if science actually backs this up, but it's fun.

My brain is being fucking spiteful though haha. Spidey, Knight, and Stravinsky were all drawn upside down, the goal of which was to get the brain to a spot where it don't really think in words anymore and you lose sense of time, but my brain kept it's usual chatter throughout, having hypothetical conversations, singing the same ten seconds of a song over and over, etc.

Anyway, it's nice to actually work through a book and study again instead of just drawing naked trans women and faces and monster people all the time forever lol.