Submissions by Aletheia tagged lo-fi

I had a sort of a background structure for this weekly track in the form of repetitive rhythms played on synths and messing them up with delays and loopers as well as a nice bass melody. But i had to drive away to a distant city for two days and I arrived in there straight into rush hour. It was a complete mess of long ques, weird direction turning, missing underground passages and so on...and it took me long enough to get to the meeting I had.

So today at home I felt like a lo-fi distorted guitar with would perfectly resemble what could be going in people's mind at that time, alongside with some slightly aggressive drumming. It's sudden and grasping, that's why I thought it's like a "chorus-first" format.

Just like my earlier tracks, I use FAC Alteza to add the big ambience, a Marshall amp emulation for the guitar, drums are sequenced by the LaunchPad Pro Mk3 and the repetitive textures come from Arturia MicroFreak and Volca Modular, with Gauss and Kosmonaut iOS FX applied.