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I don’t think this photo is uploading :(

quick sketch of my sister hamming it up after our mom started taking photos of her reading while waiting for our next flight

I should be packing but instead I've been drawing

mostly done at this point but I'll probably add some finishing touches once I'm back in town next week. I'm excited to take the tape off!

on my second boba of the day bc I'm feeling stressed

another day another 10 lines

went to Blick and got new pens

this koi street art by Jeremy Novy was one of the first things I saw when I moved to the bay and whenever I see them now it reminds me of how I felt back then :')

worked on this for a few days in August 2021 and then didn't get around to finishing it until January 2024


borrowed my sister's watercolors/brushes

time to quit while I'm ahead. yes I did spend another 30 minutes on this today although it may look basically identical to yesterday's update

inspired by jasontomlee being inspired by dwarph being inspired by leaf

having a tough time with the different shades on the petals. idk what I'm doing

I was hoping that drawing would be a good wind-down activity to help me go to sleep earlier but that doesn't work if I start drawing when it's already late 😅

I saw this Abutilon 'Ashford Red' (I think) on the ground while on a walk around Corona Heights Park yesterday. The space between the petals makes it look like there's another smaller flower in the middle :o

Active streaks