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This is supposed to be a sloth I saw today. But I'm feeling lazy.

local tour guide took us to the favelas of Medellin today (though they're not actually called favelas here), and full of pride told us about the progress the city's been making over the past 10 years. Even though the people are still poor, it's actually so good here, that some rando tourists can just come by, walk around and talk with locals - without having to worry about anything. That cablecar is a symbol for the progress made, he said.

Am now in a very different time zone.

Long layover in Madrid. Spent a good five hours walking around the city. 29000 steps. 20 km. (For once, I love being tracked.) But I'm not the sportsy type, so I drew my life saver.

going to south America tomorrow. Don't know how much time I'll have for drawing for the next two weeks. Or how much internet to upload.

Lowering the time per figure down to 20 seconds.

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