Genuine question: do we have a stance on (non-sexual) NSFW stuff? Doing this I realized that the point at which I'll be drawing more detailed naked people is approaching. It's definitely going to take a while, but still: I'd rather ask too early than too late.

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Watching Poirot again

got frustrated with the muscle tracing today. Then I got frustrated by the fact, that I know I'll get frustrated again tomorrow and the day after, by having to do the same thing again. So I just did all the remaining ones. Not well, but I can finally start learning stuff, instead of fumbling around.

I have no idea what I'm doing...

finally started doing the proko anatomy tutorial. And the first task is tracing muscles (yes, before learning anything about them). This first one was the easy one, cause I could just follow his video, but for the next 4, I'll have to rely on my moms old anatomy books, and Google. This is gonna be hard.

Did this with my 3yo niece today.

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