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Forgot to upload before bed again...

Just needs some shading, and then I'm finally done with this one. Took my sweet time on it -.-

Forgot to upload before going to bed...

Not tired or anything like that. Just my head decided not to focus on anything today...

I think I should get a mechanical pencil for this type of drawing at some point...

This one's too much to handle in one go...

Tried it. And I have to admit: The date looks surprisingly readable

This actually looks like a gear now. Still wrong, but I'm getting there.

Using tools this time. Still failed.

I know it's absolutely ugly. But it's also my first attempt at such a gear interaction.

forgot to upload before going to bed again... anyway. This looks bad, and I've decided that the next couple of images will be parts of the guitar, in the hopes that I can make a good looking one in the end.

It's 1am once again. Though I finally decided on what I'll be drawing next

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