Final wheel of the challenge. Also pretty much the worst. Turns out freehanding a bunch of tilted circles around the same axis at different depths while not fully concentrating is really hard. At least there's no more wheels for a couple of days.

leonheart515339 days ago

Huge props for doing the challenge! I tend to stay far away from cars due to the crazy geometry involved, wheels included!

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This went way better than expected.

Will shade this tomorrow.

Eggs on paper done. Conclusion: the type of paper doesn't really matter that much, as long as it's not super smooth. But larger paper is definitely more fun to draw on.

Just 2 more papers to try out.

I still have more paper to try drawing on, but I'm really tired.

Same egg, more types of paper.

Got gifted charcoal and 10 different types of paper to try out and see what kind of difference it makes. First try on 2 of those papers with charcoal. Definitely not easy.

Genuine question: do we have a stance on (non-sexual) NSFW stuff? Doing this I realized that the point at which I'll be drawing more detailed naked people is approaching. It's definitely going to take a while, but still: I'd rather ask too early than too late.

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