its jojo from is crazy adventure

More submissions by bugbearstew for Daily Art Club

i try to do drawings aside from work stuff but today im too tired to do anything else....

my bloodborne character, glumpa

oops i forgot to post these!

only did work drawing today but that counts!

john bloodborne from bloodborne

just saw skinamarink today. heres some fanart

poshul from chrono cross!

tiny tiny little pixel doodle

something very different today

another doodle, this time my partners character

a character from a ttrpg im running

another little pixel doodle

oops forgot to submit this yesterday, finished up a commission, its gex! wow

more work on commissions! its... gex?!
im not sure if this kind of stuff counts really? but im counting it!

a teeny tiny loose pixel doodle to keep up the streak

something different today, not pixels! a drawing of a capybara guy :)

Working on a bunch of commissions!

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