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New thing. Here we go.

Fucked up the handle, but the other parts ain't half bad.

And now that I have time again, back to constructing lines.

Global Game Jam is over. I'm too tired to draw. But even though I worked on the project as a programmer, I at least did something visual today: This definitely very helpful controls tutorial for our game.

(And, because I consider this jam a success, despite all its game jam jankiness, here's a link to that: )

one day of global game jam is over. I drank about 2 liters of cola. I'm wide awake, but my brain is fried. Here's the cover image I drew for our project page in paint. It is quite accurate to the artstyle of the final game.

it's global game jam time. That means: no time to draw more than 2 or 3 lines, if I want to get any semblance of sleep. Not that anybody would notice which lines got added to this mess...

Probably finished.

it's once again past midnight on a weekend, and I am a bit buzzed. So making the top band a bit more 3d is all I'm capable of today.

I feel like I'm already failing this one so hard, I'll try to get it over quickly, and then immediately restart.

Finished with this one.

Getting closer, one 10 minute step at a time.

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