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Just spent quite a while drunkenly trying to explain the math behind a shader I worked on to my flatmate. Nothing was understood. So here's a stylized but absolutely perfect circle.

I spent much too much time on this, and I'm quite unsatisfied with the result. At least it's over now. Time for a next vehicle.

Doing the drawing today before playing Zelda.

It's weekend again, and I'm spending all the time on Zelda again -.-

This is the 365th day in a row I put something on paper. One year - completed.

Something about the perspective here is completely wrong. I think I know what it is. But I'll have to restart.

just one more shrine ... aaaand it's 1 am, I don't have time to draw, and haven't even eaten dinner yet -.-

been playing the game all night long. It's good.

There's at least 3 new lines on here.

giving up on that plane, so instead I'm starting on something from back home.

Something deep inside me really doesn't want me to sit down and finish that damn plane...

been having a headache all afternoon and evening. This is what it feels like.

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