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Quite proud of the backside here. The head, thorax and cover wings on the other side...

This one is wrong. Will restart tomorrow.

Too tired today. Will (hopefully) finish tomorrow.

I'm back. And I managed to pull through, drawing something every day during the scout camp. Somehow.
I only drew this a couple hours ago, after we finished putting away all the tents and stuff, but after arriving back at civilization and taking a loooooooong bath, this already feels like it's from a very different era.

11 pm, during a rainstorm after the closing ceremony under the roof of a mostly watertight open tent, this drawing of a single marshmallow is probably one of the more impressive things I pulled off this week. Even if I just took like 1.5 minutes or so.

I know, this one's ugly. But I'm getting ready for the Swiss national scout camp. I'll probably still draw every day next week, but only get around to late submitting it all once I'm back.

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