Ok, starting the streak clubbing now even though I've been drawing for a few days already. Trying to get back into things.

This Molotow Aqua I got today is the first AD-marker-like thing I've ever genuinely enjoyed using. Think I bought one shade too dark for my preference though.

1000tongues · 152 days ago

@BLK MKT thank you for the kind words! I have this thing these days where I don't like looking at my drawings shortly after I finish and am never really happy with them. Getting into streak club is an attempt to both improve but also overcome and actually show things to others. Glad you're here (and inspiring to see your submissions!)
I'll be doing more paper ink drawings (in between the digital), and really like these molotow aqua markers.

BLK MKT · 153 days ago

I really love the shading here, and just in general this sketch is delightful.

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