Im super proud of these! it was actually really fun eliminating the lineart phase. I've always hated it if im being honest xD

luckcharm6 years ago

@xhg thanks!! :)

xhg6 years ago

nice, looks great!

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even though i hate inking, i'm still trying to work on it!

doing some 3d practice before uni starts up again!! based off some old concept art for a sea creature

really struggled with this one but i pushed through and now im quite proud of it! :)

oops forgot to upload yesterday again D: but yeah i just worked on the lineart of this drawing, and finished colouring just this morning!

Finally finished this set of fanart after 3 days.

getting bit more confident with lineart!

finished up an old drawing. quite proud of this one! :)

Hello Im back! I started to miss this community and drawing everyday, and Im glad to see some familiar faces are still here :)

been working on this for a while!! Almost done! Just gotta figure out how to make a stand xD And also considering making feet for it too.

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