Submissions from 2022-12-09 to 2022-12-10 (4 total)

A submission for Daily Art Club

i think i enjoy this aesthetic most atm. slow progress on these. feels like it might take something like 500 pages to see any major progression. atm im thinking maybe to get these to gradually be 3-5 times bigger. at this point i think it might be like the max size id enjoy drawing these. and would want a mixture of lots of smaller shapes mixed with lots of bigger shapes so that the massive amount of whitespace is offset somehow with the smaller shapes providing like detail to look at. an obvious thing is like 'why not color in the shapes' but this is just drone work thats not very enjoyable... and probably have to wait for the ink to dry 2-3 minutes before coloring them in. so not really something id want to do. but maybe that could be done eventually. i think eventually making these same shapes using some type of pen-shading technique would be preferable and then any sized drawing would be possible and the whitespace wouldnt be a problem with pen shading providing like 100 different shades of possible color to any part... and then moving more into 3d with pen shading. i think ill get bored of these literal shapes eventually and move into shading and 3d. wish it was more comfortable to draw straight-line segments... just not that comfortable for the wrist to drawing lots of straight lines and corners but im slowly getting better at it maybe. feels like its gonna be slow progress for a while on these. dunno. maybe if i did more symmetry would help... not sure. im pretty used to non-symmetrical and its easy to do. nothing wrong with slow progress, feels like its necessary and not much way around it. but yeah eventually probly gotta move into ballpoint pen-shading. but probably want to work on this literal stuff for another 500-1000 pages before getting heavy into that. i think ballpoint pen shading could probably keep going indefinitely. this literal line-work might get boring/repetitive/stagnant at some point compared to pen shading......... but i dont really know. hard to say at this point. i think it makes sense to do the literal before the pen shading... seems like it should be possible to do these shapes in pen-shading somehow and from there more 3d shapework maybe. i dont really know what the end goal is. i like plants... maybe plants is the end goal. shape work good for plants maybe... pen shading plants should be a possibility too why not