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A submission for Daily Art Club

I just spent the last 8 hours baking cookies. I'm pooped. So this is all for today.

A submission for Daily Art Club

fills up the paper too fast drawing this big. im going back to drawing small forever. nothing fun about having to flip the page every 3 minutes and get a new sheet of paper every 6 minutes

why is that? why drawing small and filling up a page in 8 minutes is so preferential to filling up a page in 3 minutes? its probably about the flow state. in 8 minutes of sustained drawing of the abstract art, i can speak for myself and say that at some point in those 8 minutes of sustained focus on the linework... i will achieve some level of kinship with the mystical flow state. 'FLOW STATE' is a more foreign concept to probably a lot of people. if all you do is make abstract i can speak for myself you deal with it a lot. you dont have much choice. and say i approach the some level of kinship with it usually in this 8 minutes. i dont know if ive ever achieved a full flow state, i certainly think there are gradations of it that occur. it is like a wave more than a 'state'. you can ride it up and down loopy fucking loop. i guess, for whatever reason, don't think 3 minutes is an adequate amount of time to be getting closer to this state.... although it could probably be done.................... dunno. i guess im really used to the about 8-10 minute mark for filling up a page, i like that kind of time period at the moment. (symmetry exercises are different, theyre taking 15-20 minutes per page depending on how small/how many figures... im talking about 99% of my other drawing)


also why i prefer listening to music while drawing. hypnotic state flow state following trying it out ego death in the zone