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A submission for Daily Art Club

Gotta stop staying up late

A submission for Daily Art Club

--glance at image below before reading to understand concepts mentioned--

symmetrizing small line fragments (pre much same hand/finger motion/s as big line symmetry really in this case, just smaller).... trying to increase speed because these small line fragments can be drawn so quickly. but more speed equal less accuracy so its an area that needs work


attempting formal discussion of my process. almost all of the drawing is done by planting the hand on the page. this way i suppose i am getting all the complex line work done by a combination of rotating the planted hand, and also the movement of the thumb combined with the movement of index and middle finger. this allows for very precise linework, but limits the maximum drawing size to about a 3cm patch (hand is often re-planted multiple times in a single 'drawing'). getting lines towards the perimeter of this maybe 3cm patch decreases accuracy and increases strain on the hand/arm as the hand will then be rotating very far from it's naturally comfortable planted position on the page.

i could further formalize this type of lesson into "learn to draw all line combinations symmetrically at 3 different sizes"... then combine the 3 sizes together to achieve more complex bezier curves: that is curves within curves. i think '3 sizes' isn't accurate though. any symmetrical combination of lines could be at least ~100 different sizes within the ~3cm patch of comfortable drawing area. i believe i could eventually go even smaller than the linework in the below image, but at some point the width of the pen would be the limiting factor. this is a very thick pen im using i think .75mm or something. some pens i think are .3mm so at .3mm you could probably go even smaller linework... the thumb and index-middle finger combination with rotating planted hand i think allows for incredibly fine levels of linework.

so my earlier goal of 'somehow making my drawings bigger' is probably a waste of time. this would require replanting the hand multiple times just for basic long sections of any line, which would not be as fast or enjoyable as reducing the width of the pen and instead going even smaller. maybe my goal should be to try out different widths of pen and find a good width for whatever style i am wanting to draw... one that is thick enough to be visually appealing and thin enough for intricate line work to appear... or probably ill just do different pen widths for different styles and use many pen widths. but my goal should probably be to go smaller, not bigger. at least at the moment. idk i dont wanna have to learn to draw with my arm. hand plant gang