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A submission for Make games. 311

I've done a little bit of worldbuilding for erik. I have a wiki and I was cleaning it up and adding a few references. I'm actually using a world I've used for other content before (a game and a book), and it's eventually going to be my expanded universe where most of the things I create take place. So most of the things I was adding in the wiki were more about this connection than erik specifically.

I also got my gearvr inputs to read, although it's not quite what I was intending. I can detect a swipe on the touchpad, but it only moves the view in one step, rather than being able to hold a direction on the touchpad to move in a direction. It's close though, and for the game I'm actually making, I think I only need to detect taps, rather than swipes. Next is handling the view ray and getting the proper handler in so that you can actually use the back button to go out of the game and back to the main gearvr menu. Right now the only way to quit is to yank the phone out of the headset lol.