Submissions from 2015-08-11 to 2015-08-12 (3 total)

I implemented the "non-walkable" tiles, which makes the map feel like an actual battlefield, and the ability for the map loader to spawn different unit prefabs.

The gif below shows two new enemies: one that can shoot very far but moves very slowly, and one that does the opposite of that. It's simple and overdone, but it makes the game feel more strategic. At least until I added some real mechanics.

Sidenote: I haven't added the 'anti-friendly-fire' code yet, so any unit can shoot any other unit. I don't think I want to leave that in, but I surely want some AoE weapons, so friendly fire could come into play.

Had a friend over the other day and we weren't sure what to play. Steam has no way to filter your installed games by whether or not they have local co-op. You can certainly search the store for things to buy... but you get a very long list, and surely I have some games that have that feature already. I am compulsively buying games all the time.

Sounds like a good time to add more data to the steam api component of MyBacklog. Now it will also include whether or not a game has co-op when importing games from steam. Once in mybacklog, it is easy to search for. Next time I'm in a similar situation I will be able to choose a good game much faster.

I'm extremely excited with this game. It's turning out better than I hoped.

Its also been the biggest programming project I've ever done outside of my earliest projects. Its nice having something ambitious, something to light my fire