Submissions from 2015-07-02 to 2015-07-03 (2 total)

Did a bit more planning and UI mockups. Will post pictures soon.

Well it took me a while but I got a base template for patients that I am happy with. I went for a more cartoonised style in the end, giving the little guys massive heads and small bodies, along with no arms or hands. I think he looks rather cute myself.

Other than that I had to fix up some of the coding on the collisions in the waiting room when I imported the new texture for testing. This is because I did collisions in a lazy way which meant that if I changed the size of a texture then the whole thing is thrown out of whack so I had to redo a lot of it in order to get it working again, hopefully this time it stays that way.

Tomorrow I think I'll start work on the backgrounds like the rooms of the different floors. I also want to lay out a rought guide for the future to make sure I stay on top of things for a while since I want to get a playable demo out for AGDG's 3rd demo day which is in 6 days. I think I can do it, it's just whether the art will most likely not be as polished as I would like it to be. I'll probably want to add another mini game or 2 by then too. Oh well, I'll try to organise myself more starting tomorrow.

Update Details:

  • Made a base for human patients
  • Fixed another series of horrible bugs, and in turn, reworked the collisions a little bit

Tomorrows Planned Update:

  • Background graphics
  • Set out a "long" term plan