Submissions from 2015-05-31 to 2015-06-01 (4 total)

@nico found a bug in the program and I've been tracking it down. It turns out I am using threads very wily nily, and things are not very safe. I didn't really solve anything but I'm on the case :)

Also, new version uploaded. There is a little bit more obvious help for steam information, and slightly better logging while importing games.

Refactored my weapon system so that I cam combine any amount and type of armament.

After resting from game development after releasing updated version of "A Knight and A Line", it is time making a new game :3.

I am still thinking with the idea for the next game. I am planning to have a mini series of "A Knight and A Line" I made several weeks ago. I was inspired from my old game "Me, Wake Up!" which also had its mini series.

A submission for Make games. 127

Added a planet model and another spaceship to the environment.

Finished the intro.