Submissions from 2015-04-15 to 2015-04-16 (5 total)

A submission for Make games. 81

The fox can drain your endurance when near you and in follow mode. Chase mode seems to be bugged now, not sure why. Could be related to the perception changes I made earlier. Not sure if I want to introduce hp or base everything on endurance.

Fixed another rendering bug that popped up, game could tell where the collision area should be, but the texture wouldn't render.

The player can now shoot, collision effects work correctly, timers work now (so shots time-out once their lifetime is reached), texture layering works (for when the player runs/shoots behind a building), and probably a few other things I don't remember.

Levels still generate statically, which will need to change eventually, and nothing besides the player spawns. Plus there's no game controller of any kind. So there's plenty to do still.

A submission for Make games. 81

Threw my artists new trap animation in, I'll show it off after some clean-up tomorrow. Really tired right now, fairly non-functional. Night.

... I'm a bit tipsy. So I'm just gonna dump some pics of what I worked on today and crash. New game :)

Getting a crash course on basic Unity lighting so I can start creating the first room on the space station. I guess that's tomorrow's task.