Submissions from 2015-04-10 to 2015-04-11 (4 total)

I had a bunch of other stuff to do today, so unfortunately all I did was clean up the debug mode and fix the animation bug. I'm hoping to get collisions and weapons working soon and possibly figure out how to post some pics or something.

I'm 100% done with refactoring the peon AI! To celebrate, I'm having wine and chocolate for dinner.

I've also started messing with guard towers. They are defensive buildings that can be upgraded a number of times, and peons will climb up there to shoot at their enemies from relative safety. I'm thinking of adding mounted weapons to them, but maybe that's just the feature-creep talking.

Have a great weekend everybody :)

A submission for Make games. 76

Did some prelim work for a little trap thing, kinda a platformer staple, and I'm not really ready to get back to real AI, but that doesn't look very cool yet, so instead heres a screenshot of me playing around in the editor:

I'll just dump this here with no explanation LOL

Also I made a devlog! :OOOO